Oak Leaf Energy Partners



Oak Leaf works closely with Cities, Counties and States to lower energy costs and meet sustainability initiatives. We can help you monetize underutilized land and roof assets to lower your energy costs.


Oak Leaf has successfully¬†lowered energy costs for our Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant clients by deploying on-site solar systems. In addition to reducing the per kWh rate, we can integrate the solar system into the treatment plant’s energy management system to lower peak demand costs.


Oak Leaf works with school districts, charters, colleges and universities to lower energy costs and create valuable curriculum so students can learn about the solar systems.


Oak Leaf has deployed roof, ground and parking canopy solutions for commercial and industrial customers. We can help you lower your energy costs as well as provide a hedge against a spike in energy prices.

Our Projects

Oak Leaf Energy Partners is one of the leading solar energy companies currently operating in the United States, both in terms of installed capacity and the portfolio of projects under development.

Oak Leaf has successfully completed over 55 projects with 75MW of installed capacity and has consistently converted “pipeline to yield” over its decade long existence. Oak Leaf’s experienced management team and commitment to quality over quantity has allowed the firm to build among the highest conversion rates and operationally efficient solar development models in the country.

As an independent producer of solar energy, Oak Leaf works with water and wastewater utilities, municipalities, school districts and private enterprises across the country to deliver a long-term, reliable supply of clean electricity.