Technology Overview

Oak Leaf Energy Partners provides a full range of pre-development services, including site feasibility assessment and analysis of potential technology and system array options. For solar projects, this includes determining the suitability and potential scale of a roof top or ground mounted tracking system. Our analysis focuses on potential product types, array schematic, engineering considerations such as wind and snow load and interconnection logistics. This data is presented to the client or project funding partners as a Master Solar Development Plan and provides a road map regarding total system capacity, estimated construction and operations cost, optimal product mix, and solar irradiation factors.

Project Finance

Oak Leaf Energy Partners’ principals have over 25 years experience in capital formation and structuring complex debt and equity transactions. This expertise separates Oak Leaf from many of its peer development firms. Specifically our ability to generate the operating and tax equity modeling, unique to the renewable energy sector, provides our clients with a clear and accurate understanding of the financial benefits, risks and challenges inherent in solar development. Oak Leaf’s financial assessment includes constructing pro forma operating P&Ls and integrating the complex Federal, State and local subsidy programs into a comprehensive structured finance package. The capital and operating pro-formas will highlight total project costs and identify the Power Purchase Agreement pricing the client would have to pay to attract outside 3rd party tax equity. Should the client decide to pursue a third party finance model, we obtain necessary outside tax equity and debt finance commitments.

Subsidy/Credit Programs

Oak Leaf Energy Partners has been among the most successful firms in the country in guiding projects through the competitive bid programs that drive solar development in many states. Our strategy of rigorous pre-development analysis, thorough understanding of tax equity returns and investor requirements provide a significant competitive advantage for our clients and partners. This commitment to quantitative analysis and detailed site assessment has allowed Oak Leaf to generate a 90% success rate in projects bid through competitive auction processes. After the bid process, Oak Leaf manages all tax compliance and structuring activities, including building case material necessary for applying for sales or property tax exemptions.

Procurement and Construction

Although not a contractor or an EPC firm, Oak Leaf works with clients to develop an overall solar deployment road map, including optimal project size, site location, technology, cost thresholds and deployment schedule. We manage the RFP process for bringing on necessary solar design, engineering, procurement and installation partners. Once in place, Oak Leaf provides a unified clearinghouse for outside partner interactions with client.

Regulatory and Permitting

Oak Leaf Energy Partners’ principals have extensive experience in public policy and regulatory administration, critical components to getting renewable energy project completed on time and on budget. We leverage this expertise on behalf of our clients by managing the disparate procedures necessary to gaining regulatory permitting, PUC approval and municipal consents.